Functor Prevent™ Cloud Services are currently being rolled out. Some features, concerning this new cloud service and hence this website, are therefore under on-going development.

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Functor Group AB, with its subsidiaries Functor AB and Functor Consulting AB, is a spin-off company, founded in early 2011, from Uppsala University, KTH, Stockholm University, University of Cambridge and Oxford University. Functor offers a new combined static analysis and hybrid testing tool and method (over 50% of bugs in C code can prevented) and a meta language modelling tool for domain engineering and DSL programming. Functor unleashes the next programming paradigm (STEW 2012) with zero learning curve.

Functor innovates the future of software engineering!

Begin with Functor Prevent™ and take easy steps to the Functor Scalor™ meta programming platform and framework. We have brought to the industry products that unleash no less than four decades of Swedish world-leading research, with now proven significant value and risk reduction, time to market reduction, for a broad range of software development projects, supporting industrial toolchains and best practices by design.

We offer the industry a new programming paradigm, based on decades of international research efforts that so far have not been leveraged commercially. Functor AB is first on the market to deliver this technology for software development!

We offer two groundbreaking new products that targets general software development, embedded software, and even safety-critical software development including for ANSI C programming projects with Functor Prevent™ (QA, certification, productivity and performance, safety, security, reliability — seamlessly) and in an extension of the functional programming paradigm that Functor is the first in the industry to deliver — Functor Scalor™ for development based on reliable domain-specific/embedded languages.

Our second product is also the technological foundation of a revolutionary new extension of test-driven, language-oriented and behaviour-driven development into the new methodology that we have termed Language-Driven Development™. This new methodology focuses on the language and begins in requirements engineering with the customer’s own language. All tools from Functor AB are mathematically founded, contrary to almost all other software tools on the market, while offering additional productivity and quality assurance when easily combined with existing tool infrastructure. To learn more, try the Functor Prevent™ presentation which also offers you to start for free with GitHub and using Functor Prevent™ Cloud Services right on your C code with a single click for code analysis with a report.

With Functor Prevent Cloud Services™, you can assess for yourself the value of our new technology including the powerful new Functor Static Analysis™.